DHEA Plus™ 15

DHEA Plus 15

2 oz Cream

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Quick Overview

DHEA Topical Cream

Formula contains aloe vera, vitamin E and MSM, and leaves skin feeling younger and healthy looking

Each full press of the pump provides approximately 15 mg of DHEA

Unscented cream is free of synthetics including parabens and triethanolamine (TEA)

Packaged in an airtight, hygienically-sealed container

Non-greasy and formulated for excellent absorption

Apply one full press of the pump once a day as needed. Alternate application between face, hands, chest, inner arms and thighs. Use once a day for a maximum for 25 consecutive days. Resume after a fiveday break.

Measured dose pump takes the guesswork out of application. Each press of the pump provides 15 mg of DHEA. Formulated with aloe vera, vitamin E and MSM, DHEA Plus™ 15 leaves skin feeling younger.

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DHEA Plus 15 Label

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